The italian group for 3D digital innovation

SolidWorld Group is the largest Italian group for 3D digital innovation capable of supporting all phases of the product development process, offering the most modern hardware and software technologies related to Industry 4.0, alongside assistance and continuous training.
The aim is to speed up the production process, to make it as functional and efficient as possible, with a view to eco-sustainability.

3D ecodesign for smart factory

Connectivity is the pillar of Industry 4.0 and SolidWorld GROUP is the main Italian player able to provide the best integrated solution through 3D modeling software, scanning systems and virtual reconstruction, 3D printers, additive manufacturing services and all the technologies needed to implement innovative processes. Today, create a new product means thinking about it from the perspective of a circular economy, evaluating not only the entire life cycle, but also the final disposal.

3D Digital Process for green design and manufacturing

Tecnologie 3D per l'intero processo digitale che ti aiutano a progettare, sviluppare e fabbricare prodotti in modo più efficiente e sostenibile.

SolidWorld Group: a pool of companies with high skills in the 3D world

The key factor of SolidWorld Group's success is closely linked to the synergy and dynamism of the companies that are part of it.
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